Tyvek® DesiPak® MIL-D-3464



Arrange bags on a wire tray in a single layer to allow for adequate airflow around the bags during the drying process. For a conventional oven, place the bags at least 16 inches above the heating element and shield the bags from direct exposure to heat. Put the desiccant in the oven before the heat is turned on, and then slowly raise the temperature to 245 degrees.

Caution: Tyvek melts at 250 to 260 degrees. Excessive surface film temperature will cause the Tyvek material to melt and/or the seals to fail. Seal failure may also occur if the temperature is allowed to increase rapidly.

Desiccant bags should be allowed to remain in the oven at the assigned temperature for 24 hours. At the end of the time period, the bags should be immediately removed and placed in a desiccator jar or dry (0% relative humidity) airtight container for cooling. If this procedure is not followed precisely, any water vapor driven off during reactivation may be re-adsorbed during cooling and/or handling. When cool, return the bags to their vapor resistant, moisture proof sealed container.