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Pink Anti-Static Bags

2 mil, 4 mil, and Seal-Top (4 mil)




Elkay Plastics was founded in 1968 and has an excellent line of static control packaging.


2 mil

4 mil

Seal-Top (4 mil)

4" x 6"

2" x 3"

2.5" x 3" Seal-Top

4" x 6"

3" x 5" Seal-Top

6" x 10"

5" x 7"

4" x 6" Seal-Top

8" x 10"

8" x 10"

6" x 8" Seal-Top

9" x 12"

9" x 12" Seal-Top

10" x 14" Seal-Top

12" x 18"

12" x 18"

12" x 15" Seal-Top


PINK Anti-Static Bags™ for Protection from Tribocharging


Pink anti-static bags are designed for applications where static shielding protection is not required. The bags contain a non-amine, anti-static solution that provides resistance to tribocharging.

Pink anti-static bags are recommended for packaging components with Class III sensitivity levels. The bags meet the electrical performance requirements of Mil-B-81705, Type II. Pink anti-static bags are not QPL approved.

Technical Data on the Physical and Electrical properties of the ElKay PINK Anti-Static Bag



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If for any reason you find these bags unsuitable, send them back within 30 days for a refund or exchange.

For samples send a "Self Addressed Stamped Envelope" to:


Gary Claunch

5311 33rd Avenue South

Seattle, WA 98118-6111



For information you can contact me at:

FAX or phone: 206-725-5537


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