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Field Service Kits



The SCS Field Service Kit provides a complete portable static safe workstation for personnel working with electronics in the field. To stop static electricity from damaging electronic cards, a static safe work area is essential for Field Service Technicians performing in-field repair or installation of cards. SCS's field service kit is used by technicians in telecommunications, computer, industrial controls, and business equipment service applications.

The entire kit folds to fit into most tool cases.


Features Include:

  • 24" x 24", 3 layer red vinyl mat, with 2 pockets
  • Adjustable fabric wrist strap with 6' coil cord
  • 15' ground cord with bulldog clip and common ground connector
  • Detailed instructions.


Detailed instructions for the use of the Field Service Kit


Kit includes the Adjustable Wrist Strap with 6' coil cord, 4 mm snap, and 1 Meg resistor:




Brand New Field Service Kits, from SCS Desco



2 and 3 Kits (as a single order - shipped separately) will fit in the USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Box for $9.85

2 Field Service Kits ($127.00) -Shipped Alone- with US Flat Rate Priority Mail Shipping ($12.40) for a total of $139.40


For Field Kits purchased alone or with a larger order, please use the table below.

Number of Field Service Kits

Cost of Field Service Kits

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1 Field Service Kit


2 Field Service Kits


3 Field Service Kits

$183.00 - eligible for Free UPS Ground Shipping

5 Field Service Kits


10 Field Service Kits


20 Field Service Kits



3 Field Service Kits ($183.00) and greater eligible for Free UPS or FedEx Ground Shipping. Choose Custom Shipping (for $0.00), and write me a note on the next shopping cart page or send e-mail. Thanks!



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If for any reason you find this item unsuitable, send it back within 30 days for a refund or exchange.


For information you can contact me at:

FAX and phone: 206-725-5537


Thank You!


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