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-Brand New- 2" by 6", *Zip-Top* SCS-1000 Static Shielding Bags from:



SCS-1000 ™ Static Shielding Bag

The Desco SCS-1000 is recognized as the most consistently reliable, readily available, and most competitively priced static-shield bag in the electronics industry. This transparent, metal-in, static-shielding bag provides a static safe environment for sensitive electronic devices. The Desco SCS-1000 remains the bag of choice for IC and PCB protection. They are tested to meet or exceed certain electrical and physical requirements of ANSI/ESD S541, EIA 625, and to be ANSI/ESD S20.20 program compliant.



Bags are printed with ESD Warning Symbol and date coded for QC traceability.

Faraday Cage effect shielding protects electronic devices from ESD and electrostatic fields.

Durability is enhanced by positioning the metal layer between Polyester and Polyethylene.

Four layer construction offers excellent protection from punctures and tears:


Technical Data Sheet on the Physical and Electrical Properties of the SCS-1000 Bag


2" by 6", *Zip-Top*, Static Shielding Bags

The inside dimensions are actually 2.25" x 6"

Part #30026


Only 200 bags left

100 2 x 6 SCS-1000 Zip-Top Bags ($11.30) -Shipped Alone- with US 1st Class Postage ($3.15) for a total of $14.45

200 2 x 6 SCS-1000 Zip-Top Bags ($22.40) -Shipped Alone- with US Flat Rate Priority Mail Shipping ($5.15) for a total of $27.55


Number of 2x6" Zip-Top Bags

Cost of 2x6" Zip-Top Bags

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If for any reason you find these bags unsuitable, send them back within 30 days for a refund or exchange.

For a sample of this bag send a "Self Addressed Stamped Envelope" to:


Gary Claunch


5311 33rd Avenue South

Seattle, WA 98118-6111



For information you can contact me at: gclaunch@staticbags.com.

FAX and Phone: 206-725-5537


Thank You!


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