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"Products and Prices"

Featuring SCS-1000 Series Static Shielding Bags
with Buried Metal - Four Layer Construction:

All Dimensions: INSIDE Width X Length

ESD Warning Labels

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GRC Enterprises

Protect your electronics from static shock damage with SCS-1000 Series Static Shielding Bags

Offering SCS Products

Since 2015

(SCS-1000 Series Static Shielding Bags, Open & Zip-Top)

Technical Data Sheet on the Physical and Electrical Properties of the SCS-1000 Bag


Metallized Static Shielding Bags are used to protect static sensitive devices like circuit boards and other electronic components, especially with exposed semi-conductors. Static Shielding Bags offer the greatest protection with the Faraday Cage effect provided by the aluminum metal layer.

The measurements in the "Products and Prices" information are the INSIDE sizes and the bags are FLAT, so you have to make allowances for more thick components like hard drives. Measure your parts carefully and allow wiggle room. Some of the smaller bags include an extra 1/8" of width.



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